Sil2U Technology

We have developed a unique technology in the market: the Sil2U. Behind this breakthrough innovation, is an intensive and rigorous research process that ensures excellent results and proven effectiveness.

The Sil2U technology acts as a platform of transportation that allows active ingredients to functionalize various materials (such as textiles, paints, varnishes, mortar, paper and footwear).

From the technology Sil2U we developed products with various features, that we apply in different sectors and markets, depending on the needs of each client.

Greater Durability

In a business environment as competitive as the current, differentiation is one of the distinguishing points of Success Gadget.

We can ensure the permanence of our technology applied to 90 washes, a major step regarding the resistance from other products on the market, with the same purpose.

We have an innovative sole system that fixes the particles resisting materials throughout the lifetime of the product and its wash cycles.


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