Sucess Gadget

We have developed strategic
partnerships with players in distribution
operating in several markets, as European,
South American, Asian and African.


We were the first company in Portugal dedicated to bio functional textiles using nanotechnology in the production of functional and intelligent clothing that offers unmatched performance and comfort, in large scale.

Using our R&D unit, we seek constant innovation and investigate in the present with an eye to the future.

Our focus is based on two main solutions: the long-lasting mosquito repellency and rechargeable antimicrobial solutions.

We work under private label, so our clients can focus intensively in advertising and promoting their brands.

We are committed to delivering a product suitable to the needs of each client, participating actively and proactively at every stage of the process, from research to distribution.

We guarantee the certification and inspection of the process in order to ensure the standards of quality and reliability of our products.

In our tests we work with scientific institutes and reputed laboratories with capacity internationally recognized as IHMT (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) in Portugal, the Swiss TPH (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute) in Switzerland and Siri Life Science India.

Our repellent base is biocompatible and has been classified with the lesser degree of toxicity in all categories by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States).

Discover now our product that, day-after-day, opens doors to a new reality.

A reality focused on wellness and health of people.


Our work makes a difference

Success Gadget believes in striking a balance between profitability, development and social responsibility. We rely on values such as ethics, fairness and respect for all with whom we deal on a daily basis, whether employees, partners or customers.

As a global company, we still have responsibility and commitment to people all over the world.


Rua Filipa Borges, 1245
4750-823 Barcelos - Portugal

+351 253 802 049